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Raw Materials


Industrial and Crating Lumber

Lovvorn has strong, reliable mill contracts for southern yellow pine. We stock in dry storage millions of board feet of strong durable southern yellow pine for timely delivery to our industrial wood component users.

We specialize in cut to order and ship to order loads. Pallet and crating lumber can be cut to length, ripped, resawn and packaged the way you need it delivered.

We have the resources to handle any order, large or small, mixed truck loads, or multi-carload shipments. We can resaw, rip, and banding groove all type of lumber for our customers specific needs.

Call us for all your blocking, dunnage, crossout, packaging, and crating needs.

Lovvorn Lumber recognizes the importance of having your product when you need it. We utilize kanban's for several key customers to ensure their product is always available for immediate shipment. Let us help you manage your inventory of products. That's part of the service we offer you.

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